Nomad Artists
1855 Folsom St. (cross st. 15th)
UCSF Mission Center
October 18-19, 2008   11am to 5pm


Thanks to everyone that showed up to view all our new artwork!  If you think you missed out and still have an wish to purchase more artwork please feel free to contact the individual artist.  Go to Exhibiting Artist Page to look up contact information.  See you in 2009!

The story of the NOMAD ARTISTS. 
NOMAD is a group of dedicated artists who have shown continuously in San Francisco Open Studios for the past 10 years.  How did we come up with our name?  Ten years ago we couldn't find a place to show our work!  When we secured the Mission Center space and cast about for our name, Sherrie Smith (one of our founding members) suggested NOMAD, as it had taken us so long to find a home.   Each artist works year-long to create new bodies of work.  We intend to provide a beautiful space in which to show work that we hope will enrich the lives of everyone who attends. We hope you'll join us this year and realize what many have told us over the years: "You truly put on a beautiful and professional show".